How to Travel Panama City In One Day

Top Attractions To Visit During Your Day In Panama

Hotel W
The W is an amazing hotel featuring a modern and eclectic design within both the hotel rooms and it’s common spaces. Commonly known for its great service and restaurants, the W Panama is an amazing place to visit for its Rooftop views and bar! As a guest you are free to go up to the rooftop as you please, but if you are not a guest you can purchase a day pass at the main restaurant for $40USD which includes food and drink, and grants you access to the pool from 9am-5pm.

Explore Casco Veijo
This neighborhood represents the historic district of Panama and features distinguished architecture. Well recognized by its colorful buildings and culture, Casco Veijo offers a great background for Instagram photos but also houses a ton of amazing restaurants and bars for you to enjoy. During our night visit, me and the girls hit 2 rooftop bars for drinks and a good vibe! The first bar we went to was called Gatto Blanco, which had inexpensive drinks and features promotions for ladies. The second bar was called SkyX which offered 2 for 1 specials on certain drinks (including Pina Coladas) and had the best musical vibe of the night hands down.

Have Dinner At Nomada
For a picturesque dining experience you must visit Nomada! With a menu ranging from $7 USD – $25 USD, this restaurant offers quality and authentic flavors at a compelling price and with a spectacular environment!

Transportation and Costs

Free Stop-Overs In Panama
We landed in Panama free of charge through Copa Air’s Free Stop-Over Program. I would recommend checking out all of the destinations that permit this FREE stop and making the best of it!

Surprisingly enough, the main currency in Panama City is USD, and in the event that you choose to use Panamanian Balboa don’t hope for discounts, as it as consistently at par with the USD.

The primary language spoken in Panama City is Spanish. However, because it is a global business hub you will quite commonly run into English speaking locals and tourists.

ATM’s and Banks
You are able to use your debit and credit cards almost everywhere in the city. As a Canadian, there is not a huge difference in using your credit cards vs. exchanging cash (*depending on the fee charged by your card provider)

How To Get Around In Panama City
The best way to get around in the city is using Uber, unless you are comfortable using public transportation/metro which is the cheapest option. In our case getting from each location to from our Hotel was no more than $7 USD !

Panama’s temperatures are pretty stable throughout the year and are often at highs between 25 and 33 degrees Celsius. Panama is known for having quite a bit of overcast; so get prepared for some colorful cloud editing in your photos .

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